Boiler Installations

We fit from budget to premium boilers to fit your budgets.
Limescale protection and water hammer protection.

Boiler Repairs

We have lots of knowledge and test with our multimeter to find that problem. 

Boiler Servicing

Make sure your boiler is working to the best of its ability with a yearly service which will help with its overall running costs.

 Boiler Installation

We can cater for each individual, fitting a variety of makes and models from budget to premium brand boilers. We can provide boilers up to a 10 year manufacture warranty (terms and conditions apply)
We highly recommend a power flush for every new installment to achieve the very best efficiency levels. A Power flush is part of a boilers commissioning Benchmark Certificate. Without a power flush you could damage the new boilers components and could result in a void to the warranty.

We prefer to fit as much protection to each boiler as possible using heating filters to collect black oxide  (sludge debris generated from mixed metals in the system), limescale filter protection, and water hammer protection as most boilers are plastic components. This will help prolong and protect the life of the boiler.


Free Estimate

If you would like a free boiler estimate please get in touch and we can arange a site visit. There is not one price fits all as each home is unique and there are so many variables to consider. Once we have all the information required we can check the latest prices and offer a competitive estimate.

Boiler Servicing

We Service all makes and models. We do take longer than other engineers as we are thorough and want to make sure your boiling is fit for purpose. We strip down, clean and check all conditions of seals and components so we can advise the next safety steps. We will fit new service kits when needed.

We will need to know which make and model on appointment so we can advise the costs. Once we have completed your first annual service your make and model will be noted on our cloud-based system along with a copy of your service records allowing us to send you a boiler servicing reminder next year. We will have all previous notes, repairs, on our tablet at hand on your next service. 


Professional Service

Once all the cleaning and inspections have been completed, then we check the gas pressures and combustion for furthur safety measures. We are very passionate about doing the job properly and strive to be the number one company you can trust.

Boiler Faults / Repairs

We have lots of knowledge and experience when your boiler is on the blink. We can test with our multimeter to find any issues. Occasionally some boilers can only test to a specific point leaving 2 components suspect. This unfortunately is how some manufactures have designed them.
We can test other heating faults that arise including faulty room stats, programmers, zone valves and anything heating related. Also install new 


Once we diagnose the issues we use local suppliers, supplier stock does depend on make and model as there are 1000’s of components. If the part is in stock we can provide a same day fix during working hours. But most of the time parts are special order and can be delivered next day or a few days. We try to get your boiler up and running as quickly and safely as possible. Once parts are fitted we do a service to make sure everything is working right.

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