Lincoln Bathroom Installations

Bathrooms Installed in Lincoln

We can build bathrooms from scratch, simple improvements or alter layouts. If your finding it difficult to get in and out the bath. We can take the bath out and fit a walk in shower tray.
We do our own tiling and plumbing. Jobs runs smoothly having our own trades in as an when needed. We have a list of contractors for plastering or electrical works which they can provide certificates where required. We stay on the job until its completed and do not nip to others in-between. Bathrooms do take long enough so all our focus is on you.
We use local merchants who supply our products, that way the materials are good quality and if we have any issues its hassle-free. We only supply and fit, we do not fit internet bathrooms. With us supplying and installing it’s a product and then we take full responsibility for any issues.


How Much will my Bathroom Cost?

Once we have had a site visit and discussed options we will send you an estimate. We will tell you how many square meters of tiles you require. That way you can visit a variety of shops choose your type/style/prices and pay for the tiles you prefer. When choosing bathrooms, we have lots of merchants and catalogs we can price from. Some in showrooms to which I can offer a great discount saving on. When doing a luxury bathroom i think its important you have what you want so you are happy with the end result. 

We do have various accounts at tile shops which we may be able to help get some discount off your purchase.

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